Engine compartment cover tasks:
1. Protect engine and its components as well as suspension and steering gear from accidental knocks on our neglected roads.

2. Protect engine compartment from mud, frost, snow, water, etc.

Materials we use in cover production are made of composite materials and are much stonger than the original ones. They ensure the inpact resistance from 8 to 12 tonnes (depending on the vehicle weight). In addition, cover thickness does not exceed 5mm, its weight limit is 6-8 kg and they are very flexible – even very strong impact will not leave permanent deformation!

We offer to buy more than 400 kinds of covers for European, Japanese and American cars.

Price 42,69 EUR per piece.

Installation 7,11 EUR.



Car headlight restoration process.  

Our car service station offers polishing of plastic car headlights. Oxidized and damaged headlight glass is not just an aesthetic problem. Defective headlight windshields threaten the security in your way as it dramatically impairs visibility and pose a threat to both you and other commuters. A great alternative to replacement of defective lamps with new ones is a plastic headlight windshield polishing.

Polishing 7,11 EUR per headlight.

We can also replace and repair headlight plastic parts.


Our car service station offers full service maintenance for your car air-conditioners, which includes air conditioning diagnosis, if necessary, repair and filling!

Servicing your car conditioners, they will probably need the following service or maintenance:  

Repair of aluminum parts. In repairing aluminum parts our service uses two methods: welding in argon environment and soldering. In more complex tasks, we use both methods, to provide additional security in performance.

Manufacturing of conditioning tubes. We manufacture and restore old tubes for different car models.

System cleaning. Sometimes chips or worn parts residues from the damaged compressor get into the system which in combination with oil produce metallic emulsion. Emulsion can severely interfere with the air conditioning system. During conditioning system repairs we check whether air conditioning system is clean. A common problem is the damage of the new compressor, caused by dirty system. Recommendation – at the beginning of the season take air conditioning systems diagnostics!

Compressor repair. We repair conditioning compressors from different manufacturers: Zeksel, Denso, Delphi, Harison etc.

Antibacterial treatment. Regular disinfection of ventilation systems and air filter change bring positive results. Evaporator radiator is built into the car panel and connected to the ventilation system. Dirty dust covers the evaporator surface and forms harmful fungi and microorganisms. Unwanted car pollution enters the coupe through the air vents and often gives rise to a variety of allergies (sneezing, coughing, watery eyes). Mold on the evaporator walls create unpleasant odor.  

Regular disinfection of the evaporator destructs microorganisms and fungi. Professionally conducted disinfection is harmless to health! Evaporator is the coupe radiator from which we get cold air. Changes of air temperature and humidity - one of the main reasons why microorganisms proliferate in the ventilation system creating an unpleasant odor that can cause allergies and illness. The solution is to undergo antibacterial treatment of the coupe ventilation system.

Coupe air filter change. What causes allergies and odors?

Long-term use of coupe air filter, its permeability is constantly decreasing. Heavily polluted air filter can cause interference with the coupe fan, as well as damage other electronic elements that control the air conditioning and coupe heating system. That is why car manufacturers recommend changing the coupe air filter every 15,000 t / km or once a year.

Conditioner check and refill from 14,23 EUR.



During tire replacement the disc and tire purity are checked and if appropriate they are machined and cleaned thus providing excellent alignment with the wheel side. Following customer's request, before wheel balancing any disc can be checked on the wheel balancing equipment to visually verify that the disc is running straight and without irregular movements. At the end of tire mounting (when the necessary tire pressure is reached), each wheel valve is tested for tightness because during the mounting most often the worn valve is affected and it is not air tight.

We use only high quality materials.

4 tire mounting and balancing from 14,23 EUR.

1 tire repair from 4,27 EUR.

You can buy both new and used tires in our car service shop. 


In our car service work experienced specialists  - automotive electricians who always help you choose the optimal variant of your car protection, as well as help you with electrical equipment repairs. We offer great value for money and the highest performance quality.  The installed system complies with the requirements of the insurance company. We provide a full warranty and after sales service to our installed systems.  

Alarm system installation and repair from 28,46 EUR.


Correct adjustment of the car lights is essential, not only for your but also other car driver's safety, especially after dark.

For our customer convenience headlight adjustment is always WITHOUT QUEUING!

It is recommended to check light setting every season.

It will not take much time and will cost only 7,11 EUR.



According to various car optics manufacturers’ statistics, xenon lamps have the following advantages:  

1. With equal capacity they are 2 times brighter than conventional halogen bulbs.

2. They consume 66% less power.

3. Light bulbs life span is 3 to 5 times longer than halogen bulbs.

4. Lamps provide lighting similar to daylight, improving the driver's spatial vision, color, and contrast sensitivity, allowing noticing pedestrians and cyclists more quickly.

5. Several times enhance visibility in poor visibility conditions - rain, fog and snowfall.

6. HID lamps provide assurance for more than 90% of drivers that at night they are able to navigate better than with halogen lights.

What is xenon light?

Xenon light (Xenon or HID – High Intensity Discharge) is a specialized type of gas discharge lamp, an electric light that produces light by passing electricity through ionized xenon gas at high pressure. These lamps do not have the filament and the light is produced from arc discharge between two electrodes at both ends of the bulb flask. Each lamp is equipped with a separate high-frequency converter, which generates voltage to the electrodes of up to 25,000 volts.

Which car models can be installed xenon lights? 

Xenon lights can be installed to most of the new cars or those of the last 20 years production. Selecting the set, take into account the original bulb socket type (for example, H7, H4), and it should be adjusted an appropriate xenon kit.  


We install and trade all types of audio systems, hands-free systems, as well as decode the VCRs.

Prices from  4,27 EUR.