Once you’re fed up with the sound of your factory audio system and you’ve decided to upgrade the sound quality of your favourite music, rely on our company’s experience and high level of expertise. The specialists of our service will assist you in designing of a new sound system or improvement of your existing one. We will be highly competent to recommend the most appropriate products with a quality-to-price ratio that is unbeatable for you. And ultimately, you’ll be able to enjoy new unprecedented sound quality in your car!

We install and sell all types of audio systems, hands-free systems and decoders. The cost starts from 15 EUR.

A high-quality audio system or multimedia system provides extra comfort for the driver and his passengers. The systems vary in a number of settings and in the availability of various additional audio accessories.

How to choose the right in-car audio system

Multi-media entertainment systems for cars are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Already all newer vehicles have a standard head unit with occasionally even more advanced options. There are various reasons for deciding to replace the standard system: functionality, connectivity, audio and video quality, etc. We offer a wide selection of both audio and AV systems from the world’s best brands.

The choice ranges from basic 1 DIN models which now offer maximum compatibility with the latest Bluetooth smartphone technology, to monitors up to 11″ in size, accompanied by advanced navigation systems. Contact us, we’ll help you choose the most appropriate option to suit your needs, and we’ll arrange for the products to be installed.

Before purchasing and installing an audio system in your car, you need to determine the essential and primary function of the system. The choice of speakers to be installed will depend on this. Generally, when installing an audio system in a car, the focus is on the requirements specified by the customer. Based on the stated expectations, there are usually three main approaches that are most commonly used to install high quality sound in the car:

– The first and cheapest approach is a modest improvement to the original music system of your car. In this case, the improvement means the replacement and installation of acoustics, with a better, but at the same time not the most high-powered speaker system. Therefore, the acoustic system should not be incompatible with the factory system and can be operated by the car stereo.

– One more common method is to modify factory system by replacing acoustics, installing car amplifier and subwoofer. This is a more in-depth upgrading of the car’s audio system. Installation of an amplifier will make music sound more vivid and clear, while installation of a subwoofer allows the audio system to reproduce frequencies from 20 to 80 Hz, which, in turn, are not very well managed by regular speakers. When installing the audio system, it is important to consider how the system will be used, whether for listening to music by the car owner or for some specific car rallies or exhibitions.

– The most expensive but also the highest quality approach is to install SoundQuality in the vehicle interior. The sound of the music is comparable to that of a concert hall. Normally, this audio system is often installed not only for private listening to music in the car, but also for participation of the car in various competitions, or for getting the maximum sound pressure (SPL), as a rule, exclusively for car tuning competitions. The installation of such an expensive audio system requires the installation of several powerful amplifiers, a number of subwoofers and powerful loudspeakers.

Multimedia audio system

We recommend an optional multimedia audio system for those who don’t wish to change the standard audio system of their car but still aspire to higher sound quality, which complements the standard system without affecting its look or performance.


In conventional car audio systems, the amplifier is located inside the unit. Typically, this type of amplification, while sufficient for proper system operation, does not provide significant acoustic performance. Consequently, our company’s specialists always recommend the use of a dedicated amplifier system for a quality car audio system. There are many diverse types of car amplifiers. They differ in power, number of channels (2-channel amplifiers, 4-channel amplifiers), connection options (analog and/or digital), etc.

Our company provides different solutions according to specific needs – budget, space, sound, functionality. We offer a wide selection of products, and we are definitely able to find a suitable option for any of our clients. If you have any doubts about installing an in-car amplifier or connecting an amplifier, it is not a problem. Our company not only installs audio systems but also provides after-sales service for our customers, ensuring a complete installation of all devices.

Audio processing devices

As opposed to listening at home, where the speakers can be positioned symmetrically to the listener, in a car the listener is inevitably off-centre in relation to the speakers (the driver will be much closer to the left than the right). This configuration results in a loss of stereophonic effect of the soundtrack and leads to the perception of a predominance of the closest speakers.

This challenge can be overcome by ‘delaying’ the playback of sound from the speaker closest to the listener.

Signal Processors (or DSPs – Digital Signal Processors), as the name implies, are designed to digitally process the audio signal for each channel and send the altered signal to each individual speaker. Most DSPs allow a minimum of 8 channels to be individually processed, so a 3-way system can be configured with a front plus subwoofer.

Typically the main functions of a DSP are:

Crossover – to filter the frequencies that can be reproduced by each speaker.

Time delay – to address asymmetrical listening positions.

Equaliser – to optimise listening in the car.

The use of a digital audio processor significantly improves the sound quality in the car, both for cars with an OEM system and for more high-tech systems.


Replacement of the original loudspeakers is a recommended step for anyone seeking to improve the acoustic performance of their car. Our company specialises in the sale and installation of different types of loudspeakers. You can customise the installation of loudspeakers by reusing the original elements, while keeping the aesthetics of the car unaltered.

To achieve even better acoustic performance, our specialists ensure the correct positioning and focus of the loudspeakers.

Traditional installation options include a 2-way system comprising a woofer and tweeter, or a 3-way system with the addition of a dedicated speaker for the midrange.


We recommend the use of a subwoofer for bass reproduction throughout. Active subwoofers (normally small and already amplified) or passive subwoofers (requiring special amplification) can be chosen. Just one of the reasons for choosing our service is the fact that we offer the best brands on the market. We will be happy to provide our customers with advice and professional assistance in all stages of choosing a high-end audio system for their car. Our company will assist you to purchase and install an audio system of your dream! Only professional technician will be able to install properly the audio system, arrange the wiring and properly power the amplifier. And this is an important point, as it depends not only on the sound quality of the audio system, but also its reliability.