Engine protection guard

The engine cover is a product that significantly reduces or eliminates damage to the engine compartment as a result of an impact, protection against stone damage or difficult terrain.

The importance of an engine cover may not at first glance be obvious. Actually, such protection has a series of benefits. Firstly, it provides a highly appealing visual enhancement. Screws, nuts, valves and hoses are hidden behind the protective cover, giving the engine a more orderly, yet aesthetic, appearance. Furthermore, the guard should prevent non-specialists from interfering with the engine. Certainly, the guard can be removed relatively easily, but any complexity is an obstacle for non-professionals. Additionally, the cover is used to protect against engine noise. Whether indoors or outdoors, the guard can reduce the noise level to some degree. One advantage which is often neglected is that the guard protects against dirt and prevents any possible intrusion of small objects into the engine compartment.

Engine compartment protection objectives:

  1. to protect the engine and its components as well as, to the extent possible, the suspension and steering system from any accidental impact on our roads, particularly when driving on rough roads, an extra protection against stones and splinters of ice in winter is mounted;
  2. to protect the engine compartment from dirt, frost, snow, water, etc.

The materials used to manufacture the engine compartment covers are made from composite materials and comprise a material that is several times more durable than the originals. They provide an impact resistance of between 8 and 12 tonnes (depending on the weight of the vehicle). Moreover, the protection is no thicker than 5 mm, weighs from 6 to 8 kg and has a high degree of elasticity – no distortion even under very high impact!

If approaching an obstacle slowly, the vehicle will, at worst, catch on it. Besides, the misalignment of the protective guard due to the static weight of the vehicle is less than the intended distance from the guard to the engine compartment.

To prevent damage to bodywork elements during extremely heavy impacts (the strength of the cover is often exceeded), the cover is fitted with special brackets that also serve as additional protection. The essence of the protection is that the fasteners’ rivets that fix the car body to the obstacle are torn off when the body encounters an obstacle. The protection remains on the obstacle and the vehicle moves over it. The protective guard additionally prevents damage to the vehicle underbody, cardan, rear axle and other components under the vehicle’s underbody. Experience shows that the underbody protection rarely becomes deformed. Otherwise it can usually be refitted. It should be taken into account that the special fixings function even in the event of a severe frontal impact without destroying the engine. It is generally accepted that the higher the stiffness of the mountings, the higher the percentage of the engine integrity.

At our service centre we provide our customers with more than 400 different types of protection for European, Japanese and American cars.

Types of engine protective covers

Effective and high-quality protection of engine crankcase and engine compartment is mostly represented by plastic or metal (it could be steel or aluminium protection) products.

Only metals and alloys of the highest quality are used in the manufacture of metal guards. They may be coated with an anti-corrosion layer which effectively protects the surface of the cover/guard against rust.

The following features are equally important in the engine compartment guards purchased at our service depot:

  • a special profile that creates additional rigidity;
  • special technological holes, which are essential for creating and maintaining the required temperature;
  • all the fasteners are pre-galvanised and supplied with anodised fasteners;
  • hole or manhole for changing the oil filter;
  • oil change access hole. While manufacturing our engine guards, we have provided a well-thought-out design that allows the car owner to easily perform oil changes, various models of engine guards even have a special hole to drain the oil.
  • there are special shock absorbers to reduce vibration during driving. This is particularly beneficial when driving on uneven, bumpy roads.

A significant benefit is the use of special technology that allows the protective structure to be manufactured in a streamlined shape in order to minimise damping when the vehicle is in motion. Both metal and plastic guards are designed to reduce fuel consumption during driving.

It is important to note that both metal and plastic guards have their own benefits and are not inferior to each other in terms of their effectiveness in protecting the engine or engine compartment.

One of the greatest advantages of plastic guards is that they are lighter in weight compared to metal guards, typically aluminium or steel. The latter, in turn, places less strain on the vehicle’s suspension system. Moreover, the installation of protection is carried out on specified positions and does not require additional holes.

The advantages of the different types of protection guards installed at our service centre are the following

The entire geometry of the carter’s underbody protection has been thoroughly considered in the manufacturing process in order to provide the most effective coverage of the underbody. This technology was also developed to provide maximum protection for the engine compartment against various types of impact and also against the penetration of water, mud, snow, ice and other variable substances.

  • All covers are manufactured in high rigidity. The material of the protective cover is determined solely to maximise the required resistance. Optimal strength is important in terms of preventing a collision or impact on the various components of your car.
  • All of the galvanised fasteners included in the package are provided by our specialists. These are really solid fasteners, ensuring that the engine protection is mounted without the need to make any extras.
  • The engine cover is coated with a high-quality substance that exhibits excellent protection against rust and provides a long-lasting effect.
  • The installation of our engine protection eliminates the possibility of any overheating. Therefore, our customers can have complete peace of mind and have no doubt about installing this type of protection for their car engine.

What is more, there are different types of protection for covering individual and complex elements underneath your vehicle. Specific areas such as the engine and underbody are covered while others may cover components such as the radiator, clutch and gearbox. Furthermore, there are also underbody covers that cover elements such as the transfer case, rear axle and other underbody parts to completely protect the engine as well as the aforementioned elements.  The preference for a cover is often dependent on the specification of your vehicle.

Each customer can also order the underbody protection and its installation, which will be professionally, carefully and qualitatively done by our specialists.

The price starts from 90 euros per piece. The cost of installation ranges from 30 euros.