One of every car owner’s greatest concerns is protecting his or her vehicle from theft. An anti-theft system is considered to be the ultimate solution.

The choice of the best anti-theft device for your car, one that is faultless and reliable, may appear to be a challenging task. Our company’s experts will advise you and help you decide which anti-theft system is right for your car.

Obviously, choosing a more reliable car alarm system depends on your needs and the level of security you desire for your vehicle. But that’s not the only determining factor. You should also consider the cost of the car and the amount of money you can afford and are willing to spend.

What is a car alarm system and what is it for?

To begin with, let’s start with the definition of an anti-theft device. It is an electronic intrusion protection system composed of several components that signals an attempt by a car thief to take possession of your vehicle. There are many models on the market, each with distinctive features.

What are the types of car anti-theft devices

Before you figure out how to choose an effective car alarm system, you should know that these products, designed to enhance the security of your car, are divided into four main types:

– Mechanical.

– Electronic.

– Car immobilisers.

– Anti-theft GPS tracking (satellite) systems

However, which car alarm system is the most effective among electronic, satellite, mechanical and immobiliser models?

There is no doubt that the sophisticated technological ones are more accurate and reliable, but the mechanical ones have their effectiveness, too.

Consider each group of these anti-theft devices in more detail.

Electronic anti-theft devices work with a control unit linked to a warning system that provides audible and light signals in the event of unauthorised entry. A model with a siren is triggered by a number of sensors, transmitting an audible warning if a thief touches the vehicle.

Numerous alarms are equipped with additional features that enable electronic engine blocking and bonnet and boot lid opening warnings, as well as impact and intrusion sensors.

The vehicles are also equipped with an integrated immobiliser, which has recently been installed in many models by the manufacturer. This prevents the engine being started without the use of a key. Essentially, this technology comes into play when you stop, switch off the engine and remove the key. Thus, the device interrupts the flow of electricity in the engine and prevents the car from starting by simply connecting the wires. The role of the immobiliser is to disable the crucial functions of the car in the event of theft and then the car needs a special key to be started. This function is generally performed by a non-contact key fob carried by the car’s owner. Approaching the vehicle, the immobiliser reads the code and determines its authenticity, i.e. deactivates the security system remotely using a special combination of codes. The coding is a series of numerical values that are relatively difficult to match.

The satellite anti-theft device is activated using GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. The device is characterised by maximum precision in determining the position of the vehicle. It is regarded as one of the most secure car anti-theft devices.

Using GPS tracking, the satellite anti-theft device can locate your car at any location with an accuracy of just 10 metres.

It is worth noting that GPS trackers are not capable of counteracting car theft. They do, however, allow you to locate your vehicle anywhere on the map. Satellite sensors, which are hidden in the car, send signals to the control board, and specialists, in their turn, contact the owner of the car. If it is confirmed that the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, a tracing of the vehicle is arranged. This is done as follows: the actual coordinates of the vehicle’s location are sent to police patrols, and then the investigation begins to locate the stolen vehicle.

Note that in some areas the GPS presence is not permanent, and there are forbidden devices – mobile jammers – that interfere with the GPS. These devices neutralise the signal, rendering the vehicle invisible within 100 metres. An experienced car thief can use special equipment to detect the GPS and disable or jam the satellite link.

The advantage is that the owner can track his vehicle with his mobile phone, which is very practical.

Mechanical theft protection devices can act as both primary and secondary safeguards. They serve the same purpose, installed to prevent the car thief from starting the car, moving it and driving away. The locking devices in the form of metal levers and concealed locks may be installed on various structural elements of the vehicle:

– steering shaft

– pedals

– gear levers

– under-hood locks and other parts of the vehicle.

Mechanical anti-theft devices are seldom applied as the principal or sole security means. They are all relatively efficient when used in combination with other, more effective security systems. Mechanical anti-theft devices are easy to install and do not require activation.

We stock the best brands and state-of-the-art devices to enhance your car’s comfort and security: a broad range of different kinds of car alarms.

We provide you with a highly competitive price and the highest quality service, as well as compliance of the installed system with the requirements of the insurance company. We provide full warranty and after-sales service for the systems we install.

Before we decide to install any type of anti-theft device on your car, we test each component for resistance to electronic or mechanical influences.

The cost of installation and repair of one system varies from 30 EUR.

Additionally, we can assist you with the repair and maintenance of your car’s anti-theft system.

Just like any other system, your alarm system is composed of a complex set of components that need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are fully functional. Once one particular aspect of your alarm system fails, others may follow, but many problems can easily be resolved by detecting them beforehand. As a key aspect of your security system, never underestimate the importance of maintaining and keeping your alarm system in proper working condition.

Anti-theft alarm repair

It’s extremely important not to try and do it yourself when it comes time to repair your car’s alarm system. Our service technicians have the skills and tools to repair the system in the event of a malfunction and inspect problem areas before they appear. The most widespread cause of an anti-theft alarm system failure is simply not replacing the battery for an extended period of time, but our experts will be able to check not only the battery, but also the fuses and circuits. If you try to repair these devices yourself, you could accidentally damage the detectors or control panel, causing the system to malfunction.

When do you need to service an alarm system?

Generally speaking, annual maintenance of the alarm system is sufficient. Alternatively, check with your insurance company as they may have specific maintenance requirements. Batteries will wear out over several years and problems such as insects and corrosion can impair the alarm system if not detected in time. Dealing with these problems will not only cost more, but may also make the alarm system ineffective in preventing theft. If your alarm system stops working, your property is at risk, so these annual or semi-annual checks are imperative. Contact us to schedule alarm system maintenance. Our experts will carry out all the required maintenance.

We will check the alarm system to make sure the individual components and the alarm system are functioning appropriately, and make recommendations on ways to keep the life of the alarm system better. Should any problems be detected during the maintenance service, they will be resolved on site.